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About Manuel Diaz Farms

At Manuel Diaz Farms you can find thousands of neatly manicured tropical palms, shrubs, and trees. When you walk through the seemingly endless fields of Bismarck, Coconut, and Royal palms, you will feel that you are on an exotic tropical island. In addition to our selection of warm climate plants, you will be pleased with our array of top-quality cold resistant palms and arbors.

Here, amidst mature palms under Florida’s cobalt sky, the sight of perfectly lined palms and ornamental trees of all sizes underscores Manuel Diaz’s adherence to a strict standard.

The vast selection of plants at Manuel Diaz Farms also provides the opportunity to create memorable landscapes. Our palms and flowering trees can provide brilliant colors in spring. Our palms, particularly Chinese Fan and Date palms, can add a tropical touch year round, even in colder climates. Our Red Maples can bring autumn to life with their array of multi-colored leaves. And, our Live Oaks and Crape Myrtles can add that majestic feel in the winter. Manuel Diaz Farms gives you the selection of palms, shrubs and trees for all seasons.

Our Mission

“In 1969, I started a small farm on 10 acres of land south of Florida City in the pursuit of excellence as my single-minded goal. My goal remains unchanged. In fact, with every growing season my commitment to quality is renewed. Watching my trees grow from seed, I feel that I’m watching my own children and theirs. My trees will be a lasting legacy of hard work, natural beauty and life. “

Manuel Diaz, President of Manuel Diaz Farms, Inc.

Why Choose Us

As a family owned and operated business since 1969, Manuel Diaz Farms is recognized within the plant industry for its dedication to growing superior quality products and to providing personalized service to its customers.

  • Highest quality, greatest variety, and largest quantity.
  • More than 40 varieties of plans on 4,000 acres of nurseries
  • Large fleet of 48-foot trailers capable of meeting any transportation need
  • We operate throughout the United States
  • We export our products and services internationally
  • Sales and service staff geared to assist you in prompt and professional manner.

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